Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The God Who Sees

I have been blessed to have great friends who have given me some great books over the years.  One of my dear friends gave me a book entitled, The Invisible Woman, When Only God Sees, by Nicole Johnson.  It is a small book that has great meaning.  I would like to share a small portion of the book with you, as I am sure it will bless you and maybe you’ll decide to read this great book during your summer.

The book talks about a life of a wife and a mother of two children who has a good marriage but feels unnoticed by her family.  She shares how they notice the hot food on the table and the clean laundry in their drawers but for some reason, don’t notice her.

God speaks to her in a special way through a book her friend gives her on the great and beautiful cathedrals of Europe.  As she was enjoying learning the history and the intricate architect of the exquisite cathedrals, God’s message to her was loud and clear. In the book she wrote about a moving story that captured the heart of this wife and mother.  The following is a direct quote from the book, “One particularly moving story told of a very prominent man who went to visit a cathedral that was being built.  He stopped to watch one of the workers, perhaps a monk.  He saw the worker carving a tiny bird into the inside of a beam that would eventually be covered over by the stone roof.  The man asked the worker why he was spending so much time and giving so much attention to something that no one would ever see.  The builder never looked up.  He never stopped carving as he replied, “Because God sees.”

May I encourage you!   What you do every day as you serve your family is always seen by God.  Every act of kindness, every trip to the grocery store, every load of laundry you wash, every meal you cook does not go unnoticed by Him.  When you create a home that is maintained with love, you are giving your husband, your children and your friends a refuge from the chaos and hardships of life.  But more importantly, when you serve your family and even your community, in the words and theme of Nichole Johnson’s book, “You are building a great cathedral.” 

When you love, encourage, help and respect your husband so that your marriage is held in honor – you are building a great cathedral for God.

When you love, encourage, teach and point your children to Christ – you are building a great cathedral for God.

When you tirelessly and routinely work to keep your home running smoothly so that you can bring refreshment and peace to your loved ones – you are building a great cathedral for God.

If you work outside of the home because you need to help support your family and then come home to be a wife and a mom – you are building a great cathedral for God.

If you are a single mom who works to provide for your family and strives to admonish your family in the ways of the LORD – you are building a great cathedral for God.

My husband and I visited a great cathedral in Cologne, Germany several years ago.  The cathedral took over 600 years to build and has magnificent, intricate and beautiful craftsmanship.To date the cathedral still stands and it is still a testimony to the many onlookers of the sacrifices and workmanship that the craftsmen gave in order to bring beauty and glory to God.

May our cathedrals that we build for God’s glory be seen through our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and their children for generations to come!

“Then she called the name of the LORD who spoke to her, You-Are-the-God-Who-Sees...” Genesis16:13

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