Wednesday, June 5, 2013


“The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases.  His mercies never come to an end.  They are new every morning.”  Lamentation 3:22-23

Receiving God’s MERCY means you are not receiving what you deserve.  For example:  One day I drove my daughter to school.  She was running late and so anxious to get to class on time that I panicked and did what I knew I should not have done .  I made an illegal turn in front of the High School to save some time.  In a matter of seconds the police officer was at my window asking for my ID.  Just as he was ready to write me a ticket, I took courage and said, “May I have your mercy?”  The police officer sighed and said, “Okay, this time I will, but be sure to never do this again!”  That is a perfect example of MERCY.  I deserved the ticket, I broke the law, but the police officer did not give me the ticket I deserved – he showed me his mercy instead. 

Did you know that God is a God of Mercy?  Maybe you were raised in a home where your parents showed you no mercy at all.  Be blessed to know that although God loves justice, He is also a tender and loving Father and He loves to show His children His Mercy. 

Do you need God’s mercy today?   I have good news for you... the Bible says in Lamentation 3:22-23, “His mercies never come to an end.  They are new every morning.”  Did you catch that?  God’s mercies are new every morning!

 Talk to Him, pour out your heart to Him, His mercy is just a prayer away.

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