Friday, July 5, 2013

Start Small

“Do not despise small beginnings....” Zechariah 4:10

This scripture reminds me of when my husband and I first got married.  We wanted to buy a house that had a nice size yard and a garage. However, whenever we looked at properties, the type of houses my husband and I desired were way beyond our means.  Over the years we realized that it would be wise to start with something, however small it may be - with or without a yard or a garage. (Our first home purchased was a cozy 640 square feet and a carport:))

It took us five years to come to that wise conclusion of “starting”.  Sometimes when we have a desire, goal or a dream, we keep putting it off because the circumstances are not “just right”.

What dream, goal, desire or ministry has God place on your heart that you have put aside until a better time comes along or until the circumstances in your life settle down a bit?  The following quote by Donald S. Whitney, has served as an inspiration to both my husband and I whenever we felt God has called us to a specific task:“We often find ourselves thinking ....when life settles down a bit, I’ll....but we should have learned by now that life never settles down.  Whatever we want to accomplish, we must do with life unsettled.”

If God has placed a desire on your heart, today is the perfect time to start.  Start small and move in the direction that God is leading you in – however small of a step that may be:)!

P.S. Has God put a desire in your heart to read and study the entire Bible in one year? Start today! Day one: Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth..............”




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