Sunday, February 23, 2014

The “Most High”

The other day I was shopping with my daughter and I was hungry. My daughter showed me a supersized, creamy, milk chocolate, almond candy bar. I am sure all of us have eaten empty calories in order to try and meet an immediate hunger need.  However, I am sure you have also noticed that it meets the immediate need but it is not long lasting.

Have you noticed where supermarkets place their candy bars and such? They intentionally place them right next to the check out stand. The store knows that human’s temptation of an immediate fix is high and that there is a high probability that we will succumb to our temptation and buy the candy – especially when we are hungry.

Do you also notice that most stores do not place produce like oranges, apples, and bananas next to the check out stand? THOSE you have to go and seek after in another part of the store, usually in the corner of the store - far away from any convenience.

I see a similarity when I have a choice to either spend time in God’s Word or choose to reach for the T.V. remote control and watch a reality television program that has no value. It seems that humans reach for whatever is most convenient to them and I have done both.

When I have reached for the remote control, more times than I would like to admit to, it may meet my immediate need for entertainment, but just like a candy bar, the experience is for the moment and of little value whatsoever. The “candy high” leaves me on a low.

However, whenever I pick up God’s Word and read it and meditate on it without any distractions, it lifts up my spirit, feeds my soul and gives me the hope and the strength not only for today but also for the future.

May I encourage you to place God’s Word in a convenient location? Don’t place it tucked away in a far corner of the room or on a distant shelf or left in your car or left in your bag after you have returned from church or Bible study. Instead place God’s Word in a place that is easily found when you are  “checking out” from the daily routine.

When we find ourselves hungry, a little tired and ready to be refilled from all that the day has taken from us, may God’s Word be one of the options that we can conveniently reach for. Whenever we are in that “check out” mode – let’s choose the Bible first and get the spiritual nutrients that our soul is craving for.  If we choose to dwell with Him, we will experience the “Most High”!

“You who dwell in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1

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