Monday, January 5, 2015

What Mountain?

How big is that mountain that you see in front of you? Sometimes, the mountain can seem so high that we feel we will never be able to climb it! Problems appear that way sometimes. Whether it be bills that need to be paid, our health that is being challenged or just the multitude of little tasks that needs to be accomplished each and every day. But God does not want us to focus on the mountain in front of us and become discouraged – NO – He wants us to see Him and be encouraged!

“In Jeremiah 32, God told the prophet Jeremiah to buy a field outside of Jerusalem. The city had been under siege for a year, and Jeremiah bought land that soldiers occupied – certainly a poor investment.  In addition, Jeremiah was a prisoner in the palace. But Jeremiah was demonstrating his faith in God’s promises to bring His people back and to rebuild Jerusalem.” Commentary

Even though Jeremiah demonstrating faith in God by buying the field, he began to wonder if such a move was wise. The LORD reassured him by saying this to him in Jeremiah 32:26-27, “I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too difficult for me?”

Sometimes we can begin to wonder too but God wants us to keep our focus on Him and trust Him in spite of the mountain in front of us!

“Trust doesn’t come easy. It wasn’t easy for Jeremiah to publicly buy land already captured by the enemy. But he trusted God. It wasn’t easy for David to believe that he would become king, even after he was anointed. But he trusted God (1 Samuel 16-31). It wasn’t’ easy for Moses to believe that he and his people would escape Egypt, even after God spoke to him from a burning bush. But he trusted God (Exodus 3:1-4:20). It isn’t easy for us to believe that God can fulfill his “impossible” promises either, but we must trust Him. God, who worked in the lives of Biblical heroes, will work in our lives too, if we will let Him.” Commentary

Today as we plan out our day and we see our mountain, let’s remember God! Let’s trust Him to guide us! Let’s demonstrate our faith in God’s promises in His Word! Soon, before we know it, we will be on top of that mountain looking back and asking ourselves, “Why did I ever doubt!”

He is the God of all mankind and nothing is too difficult for Him!

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